About Me

I am Edward(Shiqiu) Liu, a Senior Real Time Rendering Engineer at NVIDIA, where I focus on R&D of graphics and rendering technologies on future SW/HW architectures.

I am interested in real-time and offline rendering, game engine architectures, light transport simulation, image reconstruction and generating cool images with deep learning. Previously I also worked as a Sr. Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA, performing low-level optimizations on GPUs and worked on various novel algorithms such as Lens Matched Shading for next-gen GPUs.

I spent most of my college career at South China University of Technology writing software renderers from scratch. Later I joined the graphics lab at Georgia Institute of Technology as a research assistant, working on fluid simulation and rendering. I also used to be an intern at Microsoft Research Asia and Tencent, where I worked on GPU based video codec and gaming.

In my spare time, I also like travelling and landscape photography. And here is a video of me getting the 3rd prize of National English Speech Competition in China.

If you have any questions or things that want to discuss with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.