A Physically Based Renderer

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EDXRay is a physically based render independently developed by Edward Liu. It is built with modern C++. Aside from many low level optimizations, parallelism is exploited on both thread level and instruction level so it’s highly performant. It includes many state of the art algorithms published in recent years in light transport simulation, material modelling, sampling and reconstruction, camera models as well as participating media.

The source code of EDXRay is highly self-contained and does not depend on any external library other than EDXUtil, which is a utility library developed by Edward Liu.

EDXRay is currently built and tested only on Windows platform. Developer using Visual Studio 2015 should be able to build the source code immediately after syncing. Porting to Linux or macOS should not be difficult since it there is no external dependency.

List of Features



Acceleration Structure

Light Source

Camera Models


Simulated depth of field, vignette and cateye effect

Simulated super wide fish eye lens

Focal length 14mm wide angle shot

Caustics simulated with bidirectional path tracing

Wooden floor modeled with Disney BRDF

Rough glass modeled GGX

Rough metal modeled GGX

Car paint modeled with Disney BRDF


Jade modeled with participating media

Jade dragon modeled with BSSRDF

Side by side comparison between BSSRDF (left) and participating media (right)

Smoke rendered with participating media